Data protection

SocialPass – SocialScan and data protection

What is SocialPass ?

SocialPass (for visitors) and SocialScan (for institutions, organisers etc.) enable the Cantonal Doctor to contact potentially infected persons more quickly and efficiently. Our applications thus contribute to interrupting chains of infection quickly, in order to reduce the negative effects of the current pandemicon  a social as well as on an economic level.

What happens if a customer who has visited an establishment tests positive?

The Cantonal Doctor benefits from a secures and controlled access to SocialPass data. If requested, the establishment can indicate the address of SocialPass, which will then provide an encrypted access key to the competent cantonal authorities.

How does the app protect your data?

Confidentiality and protection of information is a key value in the entire SocialPass process:

  • After downloading SocialPass the information remains only on the user’s phone.
  • When you visit a place and the QRcode is scanned the data is directly transmitted and stored in a computer centre in Zurich. Transmission and storage are encrypted with a 256-bit key. No information is available at any time in the establishment itself.
  • Only tracers authorised by the cantonal doctor can access the information. Access is secured by double authorisation.
  • Visitor data is automatically deleted from the database after 14 days. Visitor data remains on the user’s phone – and only on his/her phone.
  • The data will not be sold or used by SwissHelios Sàrl / HotelPro4u.