Use SocialScan as a fast track key to a multitude of restaurants, events, venues.

How does this work – what should I do?

  • Download SocialPass on your smartphone and enter little Your phone number is automatically verified via SMS. A secured QR code is generated on the phone.
  • At the entrance of a restaurant or a venue of any type show your QR code. It will be scanned by a device of the organizer, the restaurant etc. The visit data is stored directly in a secured cloud. After 14 days, it is automatically deleted.
  • The process is simple and confidential. Your data never gets into the hands of the visited location’s personnel, there are no lists lying left behind on which other people can see your data or who was your accompanying you. The data you entered when registering will remain stored on your smartphone only.
  • If someone is infected, then authorized health authorities can request a PDF of the data or, if they want, access the data directly with a secured key. The requirements of the authorities are easily complied with. You have helped to contain the pandemic, which is in the interests of all of us- and you have gained time in the

Download this free application. Use the QR code: every time you visit restaurants, bars, events, rehearsal evenings, group trainings, churches/mosques/synagogues, retirement homes …..

If these locations are not equipped with the app, ask them to download SocialScan and forgo manual lists or other means from earlier times. That is done in minutes.