Easy to use and modern:  work with SocialScan

Download SocialScan

SocialPass and SocialScan in 40 seconds

How does it work? What should I do?

Download SocialScan to your smartphone or tablet, enter the data to identify your restaurant and get a login.

How to identify your customers?

A) Your customer scans the QR code that you have provided and checks himself/herself.
You receive an email to create your QR codes or you do it from the new SocialScan 6.0 application available from October 6th.
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You can visually check that your customer has registered or use SocialScan 6.0 if you have created table-based QR codes.

B) Your customer shows you his SocialPass (a customer dedicated application containing a unique and secure QR code). You scan it with SocialScan

C) Your customer does not have a telephone or internet connection
You enter this data directly in SocialPass or on a handwritten list that you will then need to enter into the SocialScan application.
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D) In case of a check, you can show the daily statement on SocialPass.

Your pass data will be stored directly in a secure “Swiss Cloud”. After 14 days they will be automatically deleted.

If a person tests positive, the authorised cantonal health authority can request the data or, if they wish, access the data directly with a secure key. In this way, the requirements of the authorities are fully complied with.

You have helped to contain the pandemic, which is in the interest of all of us – you have saved time in the tracking process and restricted quarantines.