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Social Scan

No, at the moment you cannot enter the departure time for your customers. Guests who were present in your establishment will automatically be registered as having left after two hours and at the latest at the beginning of the following day. A new version of the application is under development and this functionality may be available.
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The name of the restaurant is not right?

You can change it yourself with the SocialScan application.

Watch the video

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Poster at the entrance
We have created a poster to be placed prominently at the entrance of your establishment, to allow your customers to download the SocialPass application using a first QR Code that leads to the AppleStore or the GogglePlayStore. Download the poster
A4 poster
A5 poster
A3 poster

Place the QR Code(s) on the tables
Once downloaded and printed on the SocialScan app, your restaurant’s QR Code (either unique or multiple with the table numbers embedded), must be made available to your customers on each table.
This means that at every visit, the customer will have to scan this QR Code with their smartphone and show you their screen in order to be served.

Increase the visibility of the QR Code by, for example, copying it onto:

  • your menu card
  • business cards
  • table stands
  • Etc.

accompanying message:
“Please scan this QR Code so that we can serve you with serenity”

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A) Only necessary in the cantons that request it (e.g. Vaud)

To enable the cantonal doctor to contact your employees easily, we have put in place a simple and effective solution. When you use the Multi QR Codes management function, we have automatically created a table called “TEAM”.

Your employees must:
1) Install SocialPass on their phones
2) Scan this QR Code when arriving and leaving work
3) Place it prominently (in the cloakroom, next to the stamp machine, cash register, etc.).
4) Attention: this code is only valid for your staff. Under no circumstances should it be passed on to your customers.

In this way we can distinguish between staff and customers.

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How does it work?

Multiple QR Codes: to print several QR Codes (Team, Table, Terrace, Bar, etc…)

In your application, you will find the following button, it allows you to generate multiple QR Codes.

You can change the names of the tables with for example Bar 1, Bar 2 or Terrace 1, Terrace 2 according to your needs. The menu and tables are not necessary in all cantons. The canton of Vaud recommends them, to facilitate targeted quarantine.


Printing QR Codes


The file created is a PDF.
All you have to do now is print your QR Codes, e.g. on self-adhesive labels.
If you are on a mobile phone without a connected printer, send this PDF file via email to your computer..
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This function is useful for customers who do not have a mobile phone. You can enter the data immediately.

Start the SocialScan application. Use Manual Input Button

Fill in the required fields (please note that for some cantons, e.g. Bern, the date of birth and e-mail are mandatory)

Depending on the category of your establishment, you can enter additional data (Table, Server, Sector). You can adjust the departure date and time if your entry is made after the customer has left.

You must then confirm the entry

Once you have entered the information, press Send.

Note: If regular customers do not have a smartphone, you can create a personal QR Code for them and have it scanned each time they visit.

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How to install SocialScan

You need to download the application on Iphone or Android.


To install and setup the application on Iphone or Android


The first time choose the action Not registered

Choose the category that suits your activity and canton.
If you don’t know it, choose General-simple

Then enter the data of the restaurant

The phone number is important as it is the ID of your restaurant.

In order to log in, use your phone number and password. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it via your email.

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