Use SocialPass in restaurants, events, places that require it.

Download SocialPass

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How does it work? What should I do?

Download SocialPass to your smartphone and enter the data that will allow us to contact you easily.
Your phone number is automatically checked by SMS. A secure QR code is generated on your phone. This is your Pass that will remain on your phone and that you can use in other establishments without re-entering your data.

At the entrance to a restaurant, an event or a place of any kind:
There are two possibilities, depending on the establishment and the canton.

A) Scan the Qr Code of the establishment. You scan the QR Code yourself at the entrance or on the table. The establishment may be able to check it.

B) Show your Pass. Your pass will be scanned by the restaurant, the event organiser, the sports club, etc.

The data of your Pass will be stored directly in a secure “Swiss Cloud”. After 14 days they will be automatically deleted.

If a person tests positive, the authorised cantonal health authority can request the data or, if it wishes, access the data directly with a secure key.

The requirements of the authorities are thus fully complied with. You have helped to contain the pandemic, which is in the interest of all of us – you have saved time in the tracking process and restricted quarantines.

SocialPass  is a free app